Dreams on track. Get on board with rail passes and tickets worldwide. You can explore a wide range of destinations such as Europe. Britain, Scotland, Australia, Japan, and Canada. 

Rail passes offer flexibility for changes to your itinerary and can save you time. Rail Passes are so popular thanks to their flexibility, convenience, and value. With a rail pass, you don’t need to buy a ticket for every train trip you make so you can simply hop on and off the train at your leisure! Depending on your plans, you can choose from a consecutive pass that allows for daily train travel or a flexible pass that permits you to choose specific train travel days, within a set period. 

Train tickets are a great way to travel between your chosen city point of origin and destination in comfort. With frequent connections, there are often departures every hour or half hour on popular routes, making it easy to plan any itinerary. Train tickets are also convenient as many are offered as e-tickets and often include a seat reservation, so you can arrive prepared at the station! Do you prefer to sit in first or second-class? You may need to make seat reservations depending on the train or sleeper journey you will be taking.


Eurail, also known to some as Eurorail, offers a great selection of rail passes for train travel throughout Europe. A Eurail Pass is key to making the most of your trip to Europe, where you can enjoy seamless train travel through its many well-connected countries.

Take Via Rail Canada for example, experience Canada by legendary rail routes and short commutes. Travelling across this land by rail showcases the ever changing scenery of regions with mountains, rivers, and vast plains. You can plan and manage your next trip: book your tickets online and get the most up-to-date information of your journey with our trusted tourism partner.

Don’t just visit, live it!

Homestay.com connects host families with students and independent travellers looking for accommodation. The Homestay community offers you the opportunity to live with a local and to truly discover your destination. There is a wide selection of rooms for both long- and short-term accommodation that offer great value for money, leaving you with more to spend enjoying your trip.

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The Canada Whistle Stop

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